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Colloidal Silver Detox

Colloidal Silver Detox

Should you try the colloidal silver detox? A lot of people seem to think that the colloidal silver detox is very powerful and very effective. According to a number of claims, the colloidal silver detox can help you lose weight and improve your liver function, which, if true, means you do not need something like the liver detox diet to keep your liver function healthy.

It also means that you do not need the raw food detox diet or the one day detox diet, for example, to lose weight. I mean, why do you need detox diets at all if you can just take some supplement that can help you lose weight and completely detox your body?

So does the colloidal silver detox work? While it is true that silver has some antiseptic properties, I could not find any credible scientific studies that would back up the claims made by the proponents of the colloidal silver detox. In fact, there is evidence that the use of colloidal silver can lead to a number of extremely unpleasant, and even irreversible, side effects.

What am I talking about? The colloidal silver detox can make your skin permanently blue. I am not kidding (see the picture above, it is real). There are real cases of people whose skin turned permanently blue. In short, stay away from the colloidal silver detox. It does not work.

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